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Professional Sound & Lighting ~ Production Rental

                      We are a Professional Sound & Lighting Production Company with a
BBC TV Broadcast background  -  specialising in the supply of High Quality Professional Sound PA & Lighting Systems for :  
                           Corporate Events /  Theatres / Live Music Production / Special Events  -  working with many Corporate Promoters and Christian Organisations  -  through our:   Production Rental  /  Sales  /  Installation Departments.
Production photo - Wembley Arena

                 We provide Technical Services and Equipment including Professional Sound PA Reinforcement Systems  -  Lighting Systems  -  Stage Foldback Systems  -  Power Distribution  -  Communication Systems  -   Video Projection  -  Video Conference & OB Event facilities   -   plus we can also provide complete Technical Production Management for Shows & Events

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           VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd now specialise in using d&b Audiotechnik ‘Q Series’ FOH Systems  /  Yamaha Digital Sound Desks / Sennheiser Radio Mic Systems to provide World-class Professional Event Production Services  ~  which when combined with our BBC TV Broadcast Sound background   ~  will provide Promoters, Media Companies and Event Organisers with the best possible Solution for your next Professional Concert or Event

           Working with your team, we will provide tailored Technical Solutions designed to meet & exceed your requirements / Production Riders for your various Shows & Events  ~  these will then be combined with our renown attention to detail  ~  and all supplied at competitive rates.

           For both Indoor & Outdoor Events we can provide Long-throw, High Power FOH Systems, complete with up to 14-way On-stage Monitor Systems including IEM, Power Distribution, and Theatre Comms Systems

           For Corporate Events we can provide compact, dynamic, High-fidelity Systems that take up little space and sound stunning.

           We supply a wide range of very high-quality Professional Sound equipments, and complimented by a range of Stage Lighting Systems & Production (through to complex Intelligent Lighting Systems / Video Conference & OB Event facilites by arrangement)   -   and all tailored to meet & exceed the needs of our Clients ~ and match the Production Riders for different Shows & Events.

               Experience the 'VIENNA Audio Advantage' and call us today on  01829 781522  -  or e-mail us on  rental @  to discuss your next Production requirements.        (just remove spaces in e-mail address re. spam)

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Professional Sound PA System Rental

             Please call us on 01829 781522 or e-mail us to discuss Full details of our Specialist Services & Complete Package Deals that can be tailored / fine-tuned to suit your exact requirements & specifications


Sound PA Hire ~ Production Packages :-

        Very high-quality Small / Medium / Large  & Full Professional Concert  /  Theatre Production Sound Systems available :-


          World-Class Audio Manufacturers including :-   d&b Audiotechnik ‘Q Series’ FOH Systems   /  Yamaha Digital Sound Desks  /  Sennheiser Radio Mic Systems  /  d&b Audiotechnik Amplification  /  XTA  /  MC2  /  Allen & Heath  /  Soundcraft  /  Shermann Audio ‘R’ Series Concert Systems  / Lab Gruppen / BSS / Lexicon /  HK Audio Active Systems  /  Sennheiser  /  Shure  /  Kelsey Acoustics  /  TC Electronics /  Yamaha

        Full Professional Concert / Theatre Systems   -  d&b Audiotechnik ‘Q Series’ FOH System  /  Yamaha Digital Sound Desks (up to 64ch / 16 Sends to stage, with full Dynamics & Eq)  /  Allen & Heath New GL Series 44ch Desk  (10 Aux / 8 Gp / Matrix / Stereo IEM)   /  2x 18U FOH Racks   /   (optional) HK Audio / Shermann ‘R’ Series FOH Concert System  /    HK Audio (Active) Delays  /  4x APSM Floor Monitors  /  12x HK Audio & Shermann Audio Floor Monitors  /  2x FOH Amp Racks (d&b D12, MC2 & Chameleon)  /  Monitors Amp Rack (Lab Gruppen / Yamaha)  /  Full Set of Pro Stage & Classical Mics  /  Sennheiser UHF Radio Mic Systems  /  63/32/16A Mains Distribution  /  Kelsey Pro Multicore Systems  /  Theatre Talkback System  ~  inc BBC Broadcast Sound Engineers & crewing 


Professional Lighting Systems Rental

Lighting System Hire ~ Packages :-         Please call us on 01829 781522   or e-mail us for Full details of our Specialist Services & Complete Package Deals.

       World-Class Lighting Manufacturers including:-   Avolites, Jands & Zero 88 Lighting Desks  /  MAC Intelligent Moving Lighting  /  ETC Profile Zooms  /  LITEC Trussing  /  Anytronics Dimmer Packs  /  Socapex Multicores  /  Powerdrive Hoists etc

Professional Large Concert & Conference ~ Event Lighting Systems - specs

                  VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd working with our Business Partner TSL Ltd can supply Full Production Lighting Systems for your Concert / Event  ~  including Martin MAC 2000 Profile / MAC 700 Intelligent Moving Lights etc  /   Avolites / Jands Vista T2 Digital Ltg Desks  /  Anytronics & Strand Dimmer Packs  /  Litec Trussing  /  ETC Profile Zooms / Black & White Set Drapes  /  Par 64 systems  /  Set Design inc Star Cloths  /  Mains Stage Distribution  /  Architectural & many other Lighting solutions    (Call us for full details)

‘Typical’ Recent Production Events

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VA Production for a Classical Concert at ‘Concerts at St Peter’s’, Cheshire

              ‘Concerts at St Peter’s’ choose VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd to deliver their prestigious Classical Concert  

                    VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd were recently asked to provide Full Technical Production for a Classical Concert in the beautiful 16th Century St Peter’s Church, Hargrave, in Cheshire.

                      This prestigious concert featuring the Director of Music (Organist) at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral ~ David Poulter, and many other highly talented Artists delighted a sold out venue audience, and raised funds for the ‘Sir Thomas Moulson Trust’ Event.

                            (photo above shows a wonderfully talented Classical Flute player Ruth Lindsay along with David Poulter at Technical rehearsals during the day ~ and shows our Concert Lighting in daylight (it looked far far better at night!)

                     Full Technical Production  /  Stage set Design  /  Lighting  /  Sound Production was by VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd


VA Productions - HH St Peters  P1120063  160KB

‘Concerts at St Peter’s’ with Artistic Directors  ~  showing our VA Concert Production Lighting at night

VA Productions - HH St Peters  Hannah  P1120073   75KB

Classical soloist Hannah-Jane Williams  ~  with our VA ‘Classical Concert’ Lighting & Set Design

VA Productions - HH St Peters   P1120076    136Kb

‘Concerts at St Peter’s’  ~  Closing Finale with some of the fantastic Artists!

(unsolicited) Client comment :


                        “ Thank you so much for a Concert incredibly well executed ”  

                             It was so good to enjoy God’s gift of music and light delivered
through such skilled hands ”

Edward Thornton-Firkin

The Sir Thomas Moulson Trust‘


Please also see our dedicated Professional Lighting Department section  ~

Click here for more details…   Professional Event Lighting


Other Examples of Production Client’s Testimonials :-


                “ Thank you for doing a wonderful job at our Festival.  I heard several comments that the quality of the sound was really excellent.


                      ….Thank you again for doing a really good job  -  I appreciate your detailed and thorough approach to getting it right and providing excellent quality. ”


Deri Fabian

Chesterfest Coordinator

Abbey House
Abbey Green



                   “ Our Classical Concert was an overwhelming success and in no small part due to your input and that of your team.   So many compliments were received after the Event, and there was certainly some first class if not to say superb musical talent on display.

                     The Church was beautifully lit, and the Sound quality and acoustics seemed brilliant to me.

                        So congratulations to you and your team for a job brilliantly executed.  I have heard many people ask when the next concert will be!!

                          It was so good to enjoy God’s gift of music and light delivered through such skilled hands ”



Edward Thornton-Firkin
Artistic Director

‘Concerts at St Peter’s’



                       “ Alan does a remarkable job in difficult circumstances.    He achieved a clear balanced sound despite the appalling, swimming pool style acoustics of the room. 

                              Top class Sound Engineering.”

Simon Mason

Production Manager
Comedy Store Management


To see our Technical Rider Specifications for Professional Concerts & Events

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              Please contact us NOW on  01829 781522  -  or e-mail us with your requirements on  rental @  to discuss how we can professionally help you achieve your Production requirements for your next Concert / Event     (just remove spaces in e-mail address re. spam)


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Production photo  -  FOH Position  (76ch incoming  /  26ch outgoing!)

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