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Professional Lighting & Production Rental Systems

Professional Conference & Event Lighting Hire

             VIENNA Audio - Lighting Division  -  we can now provide Large-scale Conference / Event Lighting Rental solutions  -  and working with our Business partner TSL Ltd, we can provide fantastic Conference and Event Lighting Systems using Industry-Standard Avolites & Jands Ltg Desks, as well as multiple MAC Intelligent Lighting systems for your Conferences & Events

             We will work with your Production / Design Managers in detail prior to your Event, to artistically design and produce the look and feel that you have in mind for your individual Conference or Event overall concept

             Once the look and atmospheric feel of your Conference / Event Set Design has been compiled & input into our computer software for your venue  ~  a digital Video of the the overall look and Lighting set design can then be worked on, and finally sent to you at the end of our discussions, to ensure you are happy with the overall concept & finished look  ~  and thus allowing the overall Design plans to be completed well before arriving at your Event venue

              Finally, VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd can also provide a complete Production Package  ~  using our highest-quality, Industry Standard Professional Sound, Lighting, & Video Projection Systems  ~  up to & including ‘Full Production Management’  when working with Event & Conference Organisers

Professional Conference & Event Lighting Systems specifications

                  VIENNA Audio (UK) Ltd working with our Business Partner TSL Ltd can supply Full Production Lighting Systems for your Event   ~   including Martin MAC 2000 Profile / MAC 700 Intelligent Moving Lights etc   /   Avolites / Jands Vista T2 Digital Ltg Desks   /  Anytronics & Strand Dimmer Packs   /   Litec Trussing  /  Black & White Set Drapes  /  Par 64 systems  /  Set Design inc Star Cloths  /  Socapex Cabling  /  Mains Stage Distribution  /  Architectural & many other Lighting solutions

                    Once we have begun Technical discussions regarding supplying Production for your Conference or Event, and then discussing in more detail the Lighting & Set design you would like, we will then work with our Business Partner TSL Ltd who will then work with us & your team on the detailed Lighting designs for your Event.

                  When these detailed discussions regarding Lighting design & technical specifications have been confirmed  ~  we will then be able to provide you with a complete Production Package solution for your Event using our highest-quality, Industry Standard Professional Sound, Lighting, & Video Projection Systems

                     Please call us for further details on  01829 781522  -  or e-mail us on 
rental @   to discuss your exact requirements and for Full details of our Specialist Services & Complete Package Deals.     (just remove spaces in e-mail address re. spam)

Smaller Concert & Event Lighting Solutions :-

                 VIENNA Audio (smaller) Concert / Event Lighting Systems  -  our VA (Smaller Productions) Lighting Division has now expanded our Lighting Systems stockholding to include over 100+ Lighting units, plus more Specialist ETC Profiles & Wash units, Pro LED Lighting, Dimmer Packs, Ltg Stands, Bars & Socapex Cabling for our expanding Conference & Events Production work

                We can now provide our smaller Event Clients with beautiful Lighting for your Concerts / Conferences & Events including Worship / Live Bands  -  plus we can also now offer Architectural Lighting to highlight your Event locations / Hotel Ballroom reception venues to impress your audience at your Events!  ~  and so making your attendees whole Conference / Event experience so much more memorable! 

               Stage Lighting & Set Design Service  -  Whilst consulting and working with you prior to & during your Event, our VA Lighting Division can also now provide you with a complete Stage Lighting & Set Design Service  -  including using our atmospheric Star Cloths as backdrops  -  to make your next Event / Conference / Hotel Ballroom reception venues look like a ‘Stars’ stage Set!

               By using our DMX controlled Lighting & Star Cloths  -  and by combining your ideas with our know-how  -  we can now transform your next Event / Conference / Hotel Ballroom venue into something that everyone will remember, to highlight your particular Event!


               Special Event - Package Deals  -  as well as providing atmospheric Lighting for your Event  -  we can also combine this with our Professional Sound Production  =  to offer you a fantastic ‘Complete Production’ Package Deal!  -  to suit your individual Event requirements!

Our Full Technical Services include : -

  • Professional Sound Systems Engineering
  • Effective Event Lighting Systems
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Video Projection

                plus we can also provide complete Technical Production Management for Shows & Events

             Especially for Corporate Events  -  we can now provide compact, dynamic, High-fidelity Systems that take up little space and sound stunning  -  together with Lighting and Projection Systems to suit your particular Event requirements

             For both Indoor & Outdoor Events  -  we can now provide Long-throw, High Quality FOH and Stage Systems (using Industry Standard equipment), and all fully Engineered to impress your audience in every way


             VIENNA Audio - Lighting Packages  -  whether you are looking for simpler Stage Lighting Systems to compliment your Event   ~   through to custom designed complex Intelligent Lighting Systems & Full Production for your larger Events which will delight your clientele :-

                      these Lighting Packages are all designed so that you can concentrate on your Presentation aspects (for Conferences)  -  or (for Music Events) being tailored to meet your exact needs and match your Production Riders for different Shows & Events   ~   we are here to help and serve you at every stage of the way, and so produce fantastic & memorable results for you on every occassion!


                   Simply call us today on  01829 781522   or e-mail us on 
rental @   to enquire about what we can do to help you with your next Production / Event      (just remove spaces in e-mail address re. spam)


An Example of our (Smaller Productions) Stage / Concert Lighting & Set Designs :-

190 - 1

21st Century Church Conference (rehearsals!)  -  Stage Lighting & Set Design by VIENNA Audio

Complete Lighting Packages :-


         World-Class Lighting Manufacturers including:-   Avolites  / Jands  /  Zero 88 Lighting Desks  /  Martin MAC Intelligent Moving Lights  /  Anytronics Dimmer Packs  /  LITEC Trussing  /  Socapex Multicores  /  Powerdrive Hoists etc


            Please call us for further details on  01829 781522  -  or e-mail us on 
rental @   to discuss your exact requirements and for Full details of our Specialist Services & Complete Package Deals.     (just remove spaces in e-mail address re. spam)


               For more details and specifications of how we can help you with Lighting and Set design for your Event  -  please see our Production Rental Department....


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All Rights Reserved / Unauthorised Reproduction is Prohibited / Website © A R Jones 2015
© VIENNA Audio™ and Vienna Audiotechnik (UK) Limited